Trouble Innit

Photo’s shot on rooftop in Shoreditch, East London October 2012 by Roberta Jane Davies. Here’s about her and the images.

Roberta is a sydney native that has recently moved to London.¬†“I just plan to shoot everything I can and keep producing beautiful visual images that can take people somewhere, hopefully every time reaching a higher level”. Her photography style utilizes a great use of shadow and she has a knack for portraiture. She says that there is nothing she won’t eat, and wanted to be a Vet when she grew up. It is the perfect setting and representation of the J.E.R. frame that was designed with the apocolypse in mind. The Alchemy of¬†Vesa Peraklya, Ani Alitalo and Roberta¬†has resulted in the below images, that are revered here at GRAZ STUDIO.



Graz Studio: Does digital photography make the result less sincere or change the organic process by giving you more opportunity to catch the moment?

Roberta Jane Davies:¬†Yeah I guess It does- not less sincere, but it gives you more opportunity or chances at capturing a moment. What matters is the finished product and what it gives the viewer. If digital photography helps us create more amazing images, raising the bar and thus inspiring people, how can you argue with that? The very nature of us is progression. Go and shoot some film as well, it’s the best teacher.



Graz Studio: If Germans were the tallest people in the world how would you prove it?

Roberta Jane Davies: I can’t, my mum’s a shorty.


GS: Would you rather be 8 feet tall or 3 feet tall?

RJD: 8 for sure.


GS: Do you collect anything?

RJD: Conversations, people, pink dresses. (and quotes)


GS: What did you eat today?

RJD: A massive omelette with fries from 338 Bethnal Green. 4 eggs and extra everything.

GS: What website? (can be anything, just not straight up porn)

Digging this at the moment.. I like the 80’s acid aesthetic it has going on. I’ve found many a track here and somehow it manages to source loads of interesting japanese techno-weird music stuff with whacked out filmclips that i’ve never seen before.. kooky awkward interviews too. Trawl.



GS: If you could go back in time or forward where would you go.

RJD: .. Sorta nowhere really. I’ve always imagined the 70’s disco era was the quintessential me in a past life, but as I get older I realise the moment we’re living is just as important, and will seem epic in retrospect if you live the now as your fantasy. But if I have to answer, just to my childhood so I could have another turn at enjoying our family holidays in Barrington tops by the fire, hunting for fossils, catching yabbies and swimming in the waterfalls. Actual paradise.


GS: Whats your favourite thing to shoot

RJD: I get excited about transforming people. I like meeting people I am taken by and shooting who I think they might be as a person, before I know them. It’s fun for me and I usually get it right.




Ani Alitalo

Vesa Peraklya


Roberta Jane Davies

Words and Frames