Silver Lining Opticians

An interview with the kings of the east coast. A rare gem in the optical world. worthy of many compliments.

Only selling the best brands in the world GLCO, Thierry Lasry and Their Silver Lining Originals, and a vintage collection that will turn you cross eyed.¬†If you are in New York. go and say hi to Jordan (the guy with the tattoo’s) and Erik (the guy with the moustache) and experience how eyewear should be represented in a house where eyewear should live.

we took 5 to ask the guys some questions…….

Graz Studio: You guys are on the top of the food chain when it comes to cool manhattan opticians. what did you eat today?

J- Wholewheat everything bagel with cream cheese and tomato and a single origin coffee from Ground Support on West Broadway… Morning routine

E-Square of Famous Bens pizza


GS.  Your store is always full with all walks of life. what is it that surprises you in customers? are most of them open minded or are most of the pretty lame?

SL. We’re blessed with the best customers anyone could ask for. ¬†We totally get a great cross-section of people in NY, and what seems to tie them all together is their appreciation for quality and service, regardless of their personal style or profession.


GS.What’s really fucking annoying?

SL. When people come in smelling like updog.


GS. your vintage collection is one of the best around, could you put a price on it? how many pieces? is there still unworn stock and warehouse finds around or is it all in the hands of collectors? how do the remakes of things like Persol and Cazal affect the price of the OG’s?

SL.¬†Our collection numbers in the the thousands, but on display are usually around 300 individual styles. ¬†There is still unused stock, but it has become increasingly hard to find and increasingly valuable. ¬†Not too sure about remakes… We don’t carry Luxottica product or Cazal.


GS. give us some facts or insider info on your vintage collection.

SL. We’ve recently upgraded our basement laboratory to include foil stamping (for people to put their names inside their frames), glass lens edging, and matte finishing. ¬†We can now customize frames for clients and put things like glass lenses into frames (which virtually no one else can source).


G.S. Is it true that you have a pet monkey that knows sign language? what is his name.

SL. No but my dog Henri has been known to bite couriers.


GS. how would you relate Cannibalism to the eyewear trade?

SL. Almost everything tastes like chicken….


GS. whats you Favourite GRAZ frame. do you ever wear it? why is graz one of only a few brands in SLO?

SL.¬†CPS, yes I wear it as optical. I love GRAZ because it has a look all its own. ¬†Once you’ve gotten to know the collection, you can always spot a GRAZ frame, but not because of any branding, but because of the design.


GS. Have you prepared for the Apocalypse or will you just “see what happens”? what are your preparations?

SL.¬†Regularly watch National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers television show and we consider ourselves preppers. ¬†We can’t go into more detail.


GS. Give us a website to look at. (not your own, and not straight up porn)




GS. Why doesn’t superglue stick to the tube its in?

SL. No idea



GS. If you had to choose one frame to take with you for the rest of your life. which on would it be.


Jordan–Persol Ratti 6201 size 52 or 53

Erik–Silver Lining Opticians x Lee Allen Cloutier limited edition #7 of 50.


p.s. if you want to find out what “updog” is go and ask either of the guys when you are next in silver lining what this strange phenomenon is and they will tell you all about it.


By offering beauty, imagination, and quality, Silver Lining Opticians has transformed the eyewear experience.
92 Thompson St. (Prince & Spring)
New York, NY 10012
Monday – Saturday 11:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm


The Guys and some of their Original Pieces.