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  1. REUEL enquired:

    what it is? what it do tho?

    • Responded:

      it do what it don't do.

  2. kurt enquired:

    where can i buy your sunglasses from in Australia?

    • Responded:

      only on this site.

  3. J enquired:

    Si non dans anglais, quel langage voudriez-vous choisi?

    • Responded:

      La réponse est évidente. La langue sans mots ou des sons.

  4. Sim enquired:

    Hi. Where can we find your glasses ? I mean do you have any store/retailer ?

    • Responded:

      The answer lies within you child.

  5. vivi enquired:

    will there ever be a motorik x graz frame? I think it should happen... and it should be matte grey. snazzy.

    • Responded:

      The worthiness of this enquiry will be met with an equally worthy response. The conception has begun.

  6. lin enquired:

    How can you tell the difference between thought and feeling?

    • Responded:

      This is an easily detectable phenomenon. Thoughts are those information and language based content that are present in your mind. Feelings are informationless and from the heart. They do however work in synergy.

  7. Tom Findlay enquired:

    What's the last thought in your head that involved someone you like?

    • Responded:

      It was about you.

  8. Lina Robowski (Ajax's Wife) enquired:

    Are you the same person who started reading this question?

    • Responded:

      I am the question, and the answer, You are the reader.

  9. Ajax Robowski enquired:

    Why is there something rather than nothing?

    • Responded:

      There isn't. We found out yesterday that we thought there was something, but there's actually nothing. remember?

  10. GM enquired:

    What's it like to be you?

    • Responded:

      Its's mostly nice. I am omnipresent. therefore in a sense you will know what it's like. I am ageless and have access to everything relative and non relative. My gender is kept secret as is my location. Today i was locked out of my apartment so i went to see a movie. The movie i wanted to see didn't start for an hour so i walked back towards my apartment and someone let me in the front door. I will soon fix the clock on the oven that keeps me awake at night and then go for some food. I am testing what it is like to not eat wheat for a few weeks as i heard a rumour it gives you gas (farts). My latest question to the universe is about sex and the eb and flow of desire between males and females before and after fornicating. I have all the answers, which is why I am answering your question. I also have all the questions (they go hand in hand) So by now you have a small example of how it is to be me. I am fascinatingly normal. Just like you.

  11. Anonymous enquired:

    I like this guy, should i ask him if he wants to have sex?

    • Responded:

      It's Important that you ask your boyfriend first, However if you are successful you must follow the golden rule. Never ask him if he want's to have sex by asking him if he wants to have sex. Lead by example and give him the subtle and charming behaviour that you wish to see from him. The best measure of someone's willingness for sex and general interest is to hold their hand. It should give you a read on the temperature.

  12. Jarred Roker enquired:

    If not now then when

    • Responded:

      When is now, Now is When. Even when its then, it then will be now. now and then you will experience this. maybe not now, but then. or now and then.

  13. DL enquired:

    What is this page for?

    • Responded:

      this page is the reflection of you. the information formed will be the result of the enquiry. go deep, go far, go wide or don't go. it will be answered anonymously. not necessarily by a human. and not necessarily in english. The worthiness of the enquiry will determine the response. If you want to know then go.