New Blood, Mr McLennan

I had the pleasure to meet and work with Mitchell McLennan last year in Paris. His energy is contagious and inspiring. We spent the day in the¬†P√®re Lachaise Cemetery¬†shooting some new photo’s for a Russh Magazine piece that was being published on a mysterious woman and the design that manifested in her wake.

Recently Mitchell took some of the latest GRAZ STUDIO collection pieces and shot them in London. Below we you can see the shots from london and ¬†Mitchell’s other work after the questions we asked him.

See Mitchell McLennan’s website here

The Article from Russh here

GRAZ STUDIO: Would you rather live in the past or the future?

Mr McLennan: Don’t we¬†already live in the future?

GS:  How would you relate cannibalism to the photographic industry.

MM: As a cannibal, human meat is delicious. As a photographer, human meat is delicious.

GS: ¬†What is one of your favourite photo’s you’ve taken.

MM: This one I just took, just then. (below the photo with the scrunched up paper)

GS:  Tell us a story. not too long, people have to work

MM: I was helping a mate move house once, we borrowed a van off of a friend. My iPhone got stolen out of the front seat. It kinda sucked.

GS: ¬†Your last 5 shazam’d songs

MM:¬†If my god damn phone wasn’t stolen I could tell you.

1003123_10151676335994917_1702951238_n (1) GRAZ_FINAL_000 GRAZ_FINAL_002 GRAZ_FINAL_003 GRAZ_FINAL_004 GRAZ_FINAL_005 GRAZ_FINAL_006 IMG_6632 IMG_6722 IMG_6918 IMG_6925 IMG_6948 lol


Art direction: Magnus Reid

Production: Anthony Aken

Hair: Cecilie Hildebrandt

Makeup: Clare Read

Talent: Kristina Britton

Ollie Olanipekun

Sam Olanipekun