Bon Voyage Mon Ami

Today will mark the last day that David Warren “Dave” Brubeck will be locatable on the planet earth. Dave has been a long time influence of mine,¬†being one of the first Jazz musicians I was introduced to after asking a pianist in the hotel lobby the name of the song he was playing at the age of 13. It was shortly after that I studied the various experiments and¬†bizarre¬†time signatures that Brubeck used in his music. even though he used 7/4 and 6/4 time, the music was¬†always such a delight to listen to even though it was structured outside traditional time patterns. This had a huge impact on me and my early design projects, I had the proof from Dave that you could change the rules and keep the beauty. A great¬†musician¬†revered by many and one that always had great glasses. He was a big influence on the¬†K.M.C.¬†design as I was listening to his music a lot at the time and he captures the¬†essence¬†of what that design is.

So please,¬†Take 5¬†and listen to some Dave Brubeck today….


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