A glimpse at Lé Aviator

Those Droopy glasses that everyone knows and more than likely has owned a pair. Today we will have a look at this iconic shape of glasses that has transcended the decades and the fads. 

Very few shapes of glasses have been re created as a somewhat “staple” in almost all sunglass collections ever since its creation. The Aviator is the metal frame shape that has a rounded triangular lens shape that droops towards the bottom outer corners. Originally made with metal wire, it has now been re created in various materials and construction techniques. As long as it holds the tear drop shape it will be called an Aviator.

They were¬†originally¬†called “Pilots Glasses”. designed with the intention of¬†protecting¬†pilots eyes. Developed in the 1930’s by John Macready after a close encounter pulling his friend Shorty Schroeder from a cockpit with frozen eyelids and severe glare burn to his eyes. The¬†‚Äúreal scientific glare protection‚ÄĚ glasses were on the market by the decades end.

The real expansion of the shape was in the 70’s after it was rocketed into the media by films such as Top Gun and frequently worn by Law Enforcement and almost every celebrity had a version.

below see some photos of the various forms of the Aviator shape and the icons that immortalised the silhouette.

In 2012 Graz Studio Released two Aviator shapes the Merik (pictured in the feature photo) and the R.A.B. Both are stripped back to the bare essentials, made with a feather light titanium wire and a slightly oversized shape with a modern twist with thicker steel sheet temples. 

In celebration of the aviator we have discounted these 2 shapes by 20% for the next 48 hrs click here to access the special rate and free global shipping.



jack n errol


other 2


Graz Studio Merik

Graz Studio Merik


Graz Studio R.A.B.

Graz Studio R.A.B.